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2008-10-17Given the huge size of the SLF4J user base, we need a more lenient version Ceki Gulcu1-1/+1
check mechanism. For example, we can't expect external implementations such as Mina, jetty, jboss to follow SLF4J's release schedule. We just can't. This commit changes the version check policy to become elective. The FAQ includes an entry explaining the logic.
2008-10-16- preparing release 1.5.4Ceki Gulcu1-4/+0
2008-10-02- Adding version check support in each slf4j-binding Ceki Gulcu1-2/+5
Each copy of found in each binding now contains a field called VERSION. LoggerFactory checks that the version value found in the binding matches the expected version number as declared in LoggerFactory
2008-10-02- a perl script to edit the version number of filesCeki Gulcu1-6/+8
This is used for version checking done by LoggerFactory
2008-10-02- adding VERSION related compatibility checks (code to follow)Ceki Gulcu1-4/+3
2007-08-20- changes necessary for release 1.4.3Ceki Gulcu1-1/+2
2007-05-18- changing version number to 1.4.0 preparation for a releaseCeki Gulcu1-1/+1
- modified carious pom.xml file to inherit the version number for the slf4j-api project from slf4j-parent module - fixed slf4j-archetype module (it can now create a functional albeit simple SLF4J binding) - updated the FAQ and news in preparation for the 1.4.0 release
2006-12-28adding OSGI metadataCeki Gulcu1-0/+6